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Aircon issues


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Aircon issues. Please help! 

I have a MK4 Mondeo 2012 plate. I recently had the condenser changed due to a bird strike. Condenser was changed and the system regassed. The aircon was working fine, blowing approx. 5 C at the vent.  Everything was working fine until the period of hot weather. I was driving, aircon working fine, stopped and parked for about 15 minutes, when I restarted, the aircon was blowing outside air. I took it back to the garage that carried out the work and the pressure in the system was just above 12 bar, they also could not drain the system. 

I carried out some investigation. 

  • When I press the aircon button on idle, there is no drop in revs 

  • The compressor fails to engage 

  • The 15A fuse is good 

  • The cooling fan engages as it should when the engine gets hot. 

  • There are no codes on my OBD reader 

  • On the aircon self-test (I have the touch screen) it has 2 error codes 0xff and 0x4f, I have no idea what they mean or where I can find that info out without paying Ford. 

  • I drained a bit of gas to see if it had been overfilled (high pressure switch) 

What should I do next and / or what do people think is wrong?

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