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Automatic transmission problems?

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Hi guys.

Got an issue which maybe is not even issue :).........that starts right doesnt it? :)


Well....bought a 05 plate mondeo 2.0 TDCi (130) 2 weeks ago as it was cheap, injectors needed to be replaced...its a ghia x model so a lot of extras and gadgets and only 95k on the clock, automatic with FSH...after ive put the car back on the road and started driving it i have realised how nice and comfy it is...actually i really like it and considering keeping it :) 

Now actualy the problem. Automatic transmission...clutch doesnt slip all is ok....its just the reaction time....OMG....standing still when i floor it I am basically waiting for good 2 seconds for the car to do something...after that time car shoots forward. With my driving style(and i believe with the driving style of majority of people) this is dangerous. Ive driven a lot of automatic cars but this just doesnt seems right...gearbox is mega lazy even when going around 40mph and wanna go faster the time the gearbox actualy decides to go "one down" is unbelievable....

Anybody had an issue like that please?? I know the auto gearboxes are not very common....thank you

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I don't have a lot of experience with auto boxes but I bet an oil change will help, as to dropping a gear when you want to go faster this is called kick down, most boxes do this

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As above...more tempermental than a manual if the oil is old...my mate has a 05 petrol ghia with the 4 speed box..not the 5 tronic...had its believed its second oil change last winter at about 70k miles...runs smoothly and responsive..hope you sort it out...ps 4 speed apparently more durable than the 5 tronic ?

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