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Hello people,

I'm new to this. So I'm unsure if I am posting in the right area.

I have recently purchased a Ford Mondeo 2010 MK4 model and was wanting to use the aux that is in the glove box, but unfortunately the previous owner has broken his jack off in the port.

I tried using a magnetic screwdriver to try pull it out but that did not work and I have tried many youtube video ideas, but all ultimately have failed.

So what I was wanting to ask, because I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere online is how do I take the glove box out to examine the extent of the damage to the aux port/do I even need to remove the glove box.

Can anybody please help!!!??? 

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Remove the glovebox liner so you can gain access to the rear of the aux socket.

Split the socket apart as per the picture-


When in two parts you will find that the part where the snapped off pin is located will be accessible and easier to get a pair of needlenose pliers or tweezers in to pull the pin out.


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There are four Torx T20 screws in the corners of the glovebox opening that need to be removed, Do not remove the two T20s next to the locking latch.
Next, there are two nuts deeper inside the glovebox top layer that need removing.
When all the four screws and two nuts are removed, slowly pull the glovebox out, disconnecting electrical connectors as you go.
These would be for the glovebox light (top), aux line input (right) & airbag deactivation switch (left) if you have one.

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