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2004 ford mondeo 2.0 petrol

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I have a 2004 2.0 petrol mondeo and it keeps playing up.. It has loss of power and wont always rev when driving along.. most of time it wont rev past 4000rpm which i can deal with but is annoying but now once engine is warm it wont rev past 2500/3000rpm under load and keeps trying to break down altogether.. iv had coil, leads and spark plugs changed which made a difference for a week then has gone back to how it was.. every now and again EML comes on saying EGR Valve.. could this be causing all this trouble also when changed spark plugs they were soaked in oil.. The car does use a hell of alot of oil?? Always has done since i bought it a year ago and the problem with not revving has been same since i brought it.. Any help would be appreciated..

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I would get a compression test done, if it's using a lot of oil, could be worn piston rings, hence no power under load and it will rev with no load, but could be a number of things do you have smoke when your driving 

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