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Speedo Dropping Out When Warm

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Hi Gang,

Getting to be a bit of a long story, but here we go!

Problem: Vehicle Speedo drops out when the engine gets warm.

Garage: They thought it was the VSS, replaced the vss and it still keeps happening.

Auto Electrician 1: Was convinced it's the speedo dial / cluster. Temporary replaced with a working unit and it kept on happening.

Auto Electrician 2: This guy was much better than technician 1. Fully tested the loom back to the vss with no fault. Hooked it up at the vss to laptop and we drove til it cut out. The pulse started to deteriorate before finally cutting out with no reading. He asked if I had a clutch replaced which I thought was odd until i realised it was after a month or so with the new clutch it started to happen. He tested the VSS when the engine was still warm and when turning the end the dial still worked.

So where next? I don't think I need auto electrician 3; am I better to find a gearbox / clutch specialist? Anyone know what spins the vss inside the gearbox? Anyone know why this would cause problems only when hot?

I need to get this sorted but already hit just over £500 to date technically 'investigating'.


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