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Ford Mondeo 2.0Titanium X Business Edition.NOT......

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...Hello folks, thanks for having me here. Appreciated. My name is Alun and I live in the Welsh valleys. I was so excited to be getting my new (well 14 plate) Mondeo yesterday. Arrived at dealership. Did paperwork, Taxed Car, Insured car, got handed the keys etc, duly went to the car and as we were in Bristol and had no idea how to get back on M4 we decided to use the Sat Nav just to get us back to the Causeway, entered in or tried to enter home directions into Sat Nav and it was having NONE of it. 4 salesmen later and it was almost 8pm closing time, I was told take it to a garage of your choice when you get home and have them invoice us for the work, all will be fine, nope I thought, the minute I dirve that away it becomes MY problem, if I leave it here it is their problem, so that's what I did, I left it there and drove home in the Insignia, end of story? Nope, got back to Merthyr and her indoors has left her handbag with specs, bank cards and cash in the Mondeo on the front of Carbase in Bristol. Sheesh, when it rains it pours.

Not a happy chappy.


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I have a 13 plate Mondeo Business Edition (1.6 TDCI) and I find the sat nav refuses to accept  some post codes. I always carry a Tom Tom as back up if the on board Sat Nav decides to be awkward. I dont know if there is cure for this problem but it is certainly very frustrating.Since getting the car I have concluded that built in Sat Navs are not all they are cracked up to be: sometimes they wont accept post codes and they cant be updated the way a portable one can. Next car I get I wont be bothered if it has a built in Sat Nav or not. 

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