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Can someone identify this hose please.

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Hi all. 

I have the annoying wet floor issue as of yesterday! Soaking wet drivers, passenger and rear passenger (driver side). Had a look around under the dash, took off the small piece of trim on the bottom of the centre console and couldn't see anything... not sure what I would have been looking for to be honest though. 

Looked in the engine bay and found this hose completely off. Not sure how long it has been like it but topped up with with screen wash recently and not noticed it. So maybe a week? 

Could someone tell me what hose it is please? Could it be the issue of the wet floor? 

Car is going to the garage this week for them to look at. 

Cheers guys! 

O it's a 2012 mondeo ecoboost.






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Ah ok. Well it hasn't come off again, and it turns out the car went through a car wash whilst this hose was off, and unfortunately the water got in through the gap! 

Bit of an unfortunate life lesson there, not to be repeated. 

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I'm having trouble seeing how enough water could have got through a small hole to wet the car as much as you describe. I wonder if there is something else is the cause. Was there a window slightly open or have any of the seals perished?

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