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2011 / Mk 4 Mondeo 2.2 TXS - FLAT SPOTS!


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Hello everyone - could do with some guidance for an ongoing problem that needs to be sorted now - 2011 Mondeo Titanium XS 2.2 Duratorq.

It is running quite rough and there are some worrying flat spots, they appear upon acceleration in 4th, 5th and 6th gears when the engine is under the most load and at around 2/3K revs. When this happens the Engine Malfunction light comes on and the car jumps straight into limp, when I turn off the engine and switch it back on the warning has gone along with limp, all back to normal basically (there is no trace of error codes as a result by the way).

To avoid this happening I find myself (particularly on motorways and dual carriageways) having to keep the revs high and drive quite aggressively - for example if I went into cruise control at 60mph in 4th or 5th the issue would occur, this means the fuel economy is poor too.

If it means anything, when I try to accelerate and can feel the acceleration not happening I know I will get a malfunction, so sometimes I can avoid it by taking my foot off the pedal and gently re-applying it, sometimes it works and acceleration kicks in....it's as if there is a problem with the flow of fuel.

Looking online everything points towards an issue with either the Fuel Filter, EGR Valve or Injectors.

To try and ensure getting it sorted I am tempted to bite the bullet and take it to Ford in Leeds...but for £ purposes I would rather not do that.

I have just gone through 35 litres of diesel with Wynnes Extreme Clean in too, this hasn't made a difference.

Could anyone provide thoughts and advice? and any recommendations of a a good garage or independent in Leeds would be greatly appreciated too....I have a long drive coming up August Bank Holiday and don't want to drive aggressively with the wife and kids in the car fearing for their lives!

Thank you

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I had a similar problem and decided to try an engine carbon clean, was definitely worth trying and the car is running a lot smoother now. Good value for £99 too plus they come to you. Another benefit is they do a full diagnostic check of your codes and advise on what to do if anything is found.

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I can vouch for a Terraclean as part of maintaining a diesel but I suspect there is more at play here.  You really need to get the error codes read and it'll hopefully give a starting point for finding the rot cause.

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