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Ford Mondeo 2007 Mk4 2.0 TDCi question


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Hello all, I'm sure this question has probably answered before, but does a 2007 Mondeo Mk4 2.0 TDC Zetec have a timing belt or chain?

I have just got this model and am delighted with it, but this is chipping away at me.

I can't see anything in service manual.

It has 87k on it. 

Any advice is gratefully accepted. 

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3 minutes ago, iantt said:

mk3 was chain, mk4 is belt

Thanks very much.

Any idea how much it costs to get changed and how often it needs doing?

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87k ok for car mate they advise it's actually 10 year or 120k which ever comes first.

waterpump may need doing also but don't do unless there's leakage to be fair though I would ask them to put one on whilst there in there stripping it,ford charge an extra £100 for pump.

nothing stopping you doing it early though but I wouldn't worry on this mileage at moment. I would change it nearer the 100k though wouldn't risk it till the 120k

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Cheers guys.

I am delighted with the car as it is extremely tidy and two owner from new with full service history. Did 40k the first year  then changed hands and did 47k over next 9 years with regular oil changes. Drives like a new car.

I will get belt done in a few weeks for peace of mind. 

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Good choice will be ok till then mate,my mk2 focus on 88k 57 reg (10 year nov)

getting timing belt n pump done in few month.landed nice timing coz due full service, n mot on top that also lol.

no worries there though as it's decent motor too

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8 hours ago, Damien said:

For the sake of £100 I would pay it n do it but it's upto you pal, dunno what others suggest on here it's just my view.

dont wanna go n get all done for the pump to go sometime later n pay loads laybour again 

Yes, that makes sense.

The way the Ford dealer spoke though was that water pumps are more reliable now.  

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