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Hi all!

My wife and I already have a 2006 Fiesta but we have had a daughter 7 weeks ago (yay!) and my wife needs more comfort due to back problems. I am actually more into Japanese cars rather than European but my wife is into Ford and as a daily European driver Ford is also my first choice (when it comes to non-Japanese sports cars Ford would have to share it's spot with RenaultSport :D ). Always very impressed with driving experience. I have had a 2014 Fiesta and a 2013 Focus, both for work. Liked them both a lot. Out of the all the Fords we've had the Fiesta's are most fun to drive :)

We've bought a 2013 Cmax 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium with lots of options:

Drivers aid pack

  • Parking sensors
  • Automatic parking

Winter pack

  • Seat warming
  • Windshield and mirror warming

Titanium X pack

  • Xenon
  • Some nice optical additions

Some seperate options:

  • Electric tailgate
  • Sony audio
  • Half leather
  • Drivers seat is electrically adjustable
  • Hideable towbar

I'm coming here to open a topic about installing after market DRL as that's one thing I don't have. When lights are on automatic I have no lights on during the day (

I will also look into upgrading audio. I'm not really impressed with the Sony system. It gives a lot of bass but it's not wel defined. It sounds like every song's got the same type of bass. Besides that I also want to add a Raspberry Pi Zero Wifi with Volumio so wireless music streaming will be of better quality than bluetooth!

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