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Recommended Brake Discs and Pads for 56 Plate Fiesta


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I have some time of work today and tomorrow and feel the need to change the brake discs and pads on my car. (they've done about 50,000 miles) and don't look in a good shape and I tend to have to press further down on the brakes to slow the car down.

Looking at Eurocarparts, i see a variety of manufacturers and at different prices. 

1. Eicher

2. Pagid

3. Brembo

4. Bosch

I just wanted to ask what you guys would recommend using. I don't need any performance stuff as its a car I use for commuting (approx 120 miles a week). Car's a Ford Fiesta Zetec 3DR 1.25Ltr Petrol


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i use pagid discs and pads on any work i do by default unless someone states otherwise. Never had any problems with hundreds of sets fitted. I also like the coating on them which keeps the rust at bay for a while on the edges not in contact with the friction material. 

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I tend to have to press further down on the brakes to slow the car down" . replacing pads and discs does not change that.

two things cause the brake pedal to go down further.

a) air in the brake fluid (fixed by bleeding)

b) rear brakes need adjusters doing up. they have automatic adjusters on them inside the drums, often these get stuck and need adjusting up manually with a screwdriver, but you have to take the drums off to do this (this assumes you have drum rear brakes - the sporty models do not have drums)

if you have a mk6.5 then the drums are removed with the hub from behind the brake plate (not by removing the centre hub nut)

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thanks @stef123 & @isetta

Ended up purchasing a set of Pagid's

brake pads: http://www.eurocarparts.com/search/101590218

brake disc: http://www.eurocarparts.com/search/104590068


Not a expert in changing them however seen a few videos on Youtube and feel I could do it. buttt i don't have the tools and rather not have changing brakes being the first thing I learn to do on a car :D 


Have a nice chap from down the road coming this evening to do the change for £50 and I'll also mention about bleeding and the drum part like @isetta mentioned as it is a zetec 6.5 (i think anyways as it has the red interior dash and the sportier looking head and tail lights)

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On 8/15/2017 at 10:41 PM, stef123 said:

£50 to fit a set of discs and pads?


Hey @stef123 sorry for the late reply..

Yes he charged £50 to fit the pads, discs and bled the system. :) 

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