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Hello, new to Ford and have a 2009 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI


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As it says in the title, just got a 2009 Mondeo Zetec Estate, 2.0TDCI.

I gave up a SKoda Rapid on PCP a month or so ago and got myself an X5, depsite it being LPG it was EXPENSIVE and as it was a 2001 model the electrical gremlins were out in full force so decided to ditch.

Although sitting at 120k this seems like a nice tight car, plenty of space for lugging the families stuff about and a really nice 40mpg in the day or so I have been driving it.


Only three issues that I have found:

Some light scratches on the bodywork, not enough to bother me but would like to get rid of them at some point - the car is sea grey (found on etis? website). WHat do people recommend for this?

Slight noise when at full lock when moving

Cant connect my iPhone 7 to the stereo - connects fie to the phone BT but doesn't play any music and connecting it to the Aux port shows what is playing (through spotify) but the sound still comes out of the phone.

Looking forward to getting to know more about the car and this forum.  

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