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Problems starting mondeo mk4 2008 2.0tdci


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HI All


I tried to look on the forum for the signs and symptoms of the illness of my Ford but no real joy. My mondeo mk4 2008 2.0tdci has some starting problems, there are days where it start without problems at all, like a new car, but from time to time after few starts there is a dodgy one, it cranks up longer than usual and literally when the engine starts it cough's once. It seems to be on the right hand side of the engine bay ( when looking from the drivers position ) This is going on for couple of weeks now and started after stalling the engine in reverse. After stalling it didn't want to start at all, turning the key and not even single crank. Last Saturday was same situation, the car was driving lovely all day long, and suddenly it decided it will not start. I have checked all fuses in engine compartment ( visually and with the meter) disconnected the battery few times and nothing, so was just about to call RAC and tried one more time, hey ho, it started cranking and after 5 seconds of cranking it, the motor decided to start.

Reading up on the forum stating it's the starter motor, but if it was going bad i presume it wouldn't have good days. Also there is EML light showing up on the dash board when ignition on but goes off when engine runs, again, it's not ever time, just some times it decides,, hey i will shine. I tried to hook up the odbII scanner as i have one and there is no problems with it at all. The idle is 799-802 rpm - really steady and i am getting bit bored with the issue now.


I hope somebody here will be kind enough to assist me with the problem and hopefully can sort it without going to the garage.


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I have tried all, when ignition on, off, engine running etc. But the eml light comes on whenever it want and for most of the days it never comes on really confusing as can't locate the fault

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I have looked closely into the engine bay and there has been a mist of engine oil on top of the starter motor selenoid. I have cleared it up and wiped dry. Guess what. for two weeks now not a single problem starting up the engine, would engine oil make the circuit short?


now thinking where the oil spillage could be from as only place i can think of is the dip stick area.

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