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Retrofit Mk3.5 Steering wheel in mk2.5 Focus RS


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Just asking if it is possible to install a mk3.5 RS steering wheel onto a mk2.5 RS. 

I like the flat bottom, and steering wheel controls. 

So far the steering rack is the same. So the clockspring will swap over and the wheel, so that it come to what wires would need placing where. 

If anyone has wiring diagrams for RS steering wheel that would help me know what wires I need to tap the mk3.5 steering wheel into. 

There also appears to be 2 types of airbags one with 2 connectors and another with one. If I use the one with 1 connector should be a straight swap. 

So plan is 

Remove old steering wheel

Change the clock springband the indicator stalk peice

Install new steering wheel

Trace wires to each component.

The left and right directions on the steering wheel will be obsolete as the RS only does up and down and select. 



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-did you manage  to make the retrofit work ?


i am right now doing the same but!


i would like the up and down buttons to work,  and the buttons on the left side of the wheel to control my cruise control(aftermakred Ecruise where i can adjust the OHM)

but i cant get a reading off the left buttons at all

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