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MK3 Mondeo Brake Master Cylinder Failure

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Hi all

My 2007 Mk3 has had a pretty sudden loss of brakes. I called the RAC and their guy came out. He checked around the wheels to see if there were any leaks and he said they were ok. He checked the brake fluid and had to top up approximately 200ml to bring it to the right level. He said the servo was also fine and this would leave only the master cylinder as the culprit.

I see that a new one is in the region of £200 but I have seen one at a reputable car breakers for less than £20. It says it comes from a 2003 Mk3 without Emergency Assist. Based on this simple description is this likely to fit my car?  Here's the link.... https://ops.carparts-uk.com/ops/traynors/details_popup.php?z=95b9ba5f

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