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Fiesta TDCI whooshing noise


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My wifes '05 1.6 Fiesta TDCI has developed a strange whooshing noise coming from the exhaust when revved to over 2k rpm.

It started a few months ago then went away but returned today.


I had it on the ramp and have checked all the usual suspects intercooler pipes etc but can find nothing.


Any suggestions?




Sorry chaps just noticed i posted this in the Focus forum...its an age thing.

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On 9/10/2017 at 10:27 AM, Mikej100 said:

wouldn't i see a lose in power and possibly a warning light on the dash?

The cat on a diesel serves very little purpose, and is unlikely to be monitored by the ECU in any way. So it should have no effect on driving or on warning lamps.

An exhaust leak will fail an MoT if they detect it.

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Spoke to a very well respected local diesel specialist who along with his colleague both diagnosed a faulty exhaust center section not resonating properly.

Its a cheap after market section that i had fitted earlier this year.


Apparently if it was the cat that was breaking up it would amplify any noise coming from the turbo.

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