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Camber & Tyre Rumble

Dave Mondeo

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Hi - And thanks in advance for any forthcoming advice on a problem that's driving me nuts...

Due to pot  holes etc. I have had my tracking laser set front and rear, three times in 18 months.

Each time, on the print out, the rear left camber is left at -3.27 degrees (in red) - but I am always told "we don't change camber"

I can hear tyre rumble at the rear at any speed over 30mph.

What has failed to cure it so far is tracking fixes.

Has anyone got a clue what the problem might be - and is that minus figure is even a problem?


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Tyre noise can be down to many things, tread design, road surface etc, the noise you hear may also be a worn wheel bearing, or worn subframe bushes, if the camber was out then you would have edge wear on your tyre.. Have you the same make tyres on both sides?

camber angles should be -2’ 43” to -0’ 11 with a nominal setting of -1’ 27” maximum variation side to side 1’15”

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Any noise over 30mph sounds more like wheel bearing noise more than tyres. 

Tyres have a noise rating on them and you usually find cheap tyres are very noisy compared to quality like Pirelli and Dunlop.


Now on the camber always out I would be looking towards subframe bushes. If the noise was coming from the wheel bearing for the camber to be out that far the bearing would be nearly collapsing and making a hideous noise.  Now Camber on the rear iirc isn't adjustable, Tow in and Out is adjustable but you need the correct equipment, find a place with a Hunter 4 wheel alignment they usually charge about £60 to do everything (well they do around this way) front alignment Rear alignment Camber Castor, Correct thrust setting.

Also check no one has jacked up the car on any of the bars which go from the rear wheels to the subframe and none of them are bent at all as this will have a dramatic effect on the way the wheel sits on the road giving you noise strange tyre wear and sometimes silly handling.


Good Luck.

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