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High Mileage Mondeo


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Hi there, I’m after a little advice please (sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place!)  - I’m looking at purchasing a Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Zetec 140PS 5dr.  It’s got a full years MOT and no advisories on the last few MOTs.

My only concern is the 165,000 miles that it has done - what are your thoughts? I’ve been stung with a few cars as I’m not mechanically minded so any advice would be greatly received! 

Thanks in advance. 


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That's not high mileage sold my last one on with 275k on it still running see it most days,  suspension and brake wear are what makes them feel tired, as long as it's been serviced you should be ok as long as the price is right

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also partly depends how many miles you want to do in it.  If you are going to do a lot you need to factor in how many miles it might realistically have left to go. The mileage itself would not neccessarily put me off.  Condition / service history important. But even if you bought one with lower advertised mileage and a full service history, the mileage could have been wound back from 60k to 10k just before it's first MOT at three years old and the service history could be fake.  

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