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Dashboard Headlight indicator doesn't come on


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Hi Guys,

On my Fiesta mk6, if I turn the headlight nob once to the right the parking lights and indicator on the dashboard come on.

If I turn it again to the right, the main headlamps come on, but not the indicator on the dashboard that tells you that there on. 

I've checked the fuse box and none seem to have gone (note to self, one of the fuses resets the trip computer and time/date)

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas? 

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no ideas, but does it really matter? cars years ago had no light on the dash to say the lights were on and I am not even sure that all cars in recent years do have such a light. As long as the external lights work as they should, and the speedo illumination light works and the blue main beam light works, then it is OK 

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From what I remember from my fiesta mk6 I sold 3 years ago the only thing that signified your lights were switched on was the ‘clocks’ lit up and as isetta says the blue high beam indicator lit when the high beam was on! (ie there wasn’t any actual indicator light for when the lights were switched on) If I’m wrong someone will correct me.......

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