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2010 TitXSport Bluetooth query!


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Hi there guys.

I recently purchased a 2010 Titanium X Sport!  Absolutely love the car.

One thing I do miss from my previous vehicle was the ability to connect my phone via bluetooth to the Audio System and control the tracks via the HeadUnit / Steering Wheel controls.

Now my vehicle does have bluetooth, as I can connect my phone to make calls - but from a quick search of the forums, I presume I have an older bluetooth Module which does not allow me to stream music.  It simple says Audio Muted on the digital display and there is no option to stream the music via the main Head Unit.. I can connect via Auxillary cable which is great, but that means having to use the phone to skip tracks which is a no no if I am in the car alone.

So what do I need to purchase and where is the best place to get it from? Is it a plug-and-play job or is there software updates / different head-unit required?


Many thanks guys.


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You need to remove glovebox to see what model bluetooth module you have, you need a version N or later to have streaming, also decide if you want USB, for me it was straight swap for a usb model with the Sony 6cd Dab H/U, the last 2 numbers on the module are A= English and last number is version. personally I would go for the usb unit which I use a 64gb stick permanently in and never bother with streaming because my phone is also used as satnav, with usb tracks are shown on convers+ and also Sony H/U.

to see module after removing glovebox, lie on your back thru passenger door and look up above where glovebox was with eyes facing rear of car, module fixed one screw in centre.

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You will probably find you have a 8M5T-19G488-AP Module , this needs to be changed to a 8M5T-19C112-Ax Module which includes USB , Mine happened to be a version P in both cases and was a straight plug and play swap, plus you will need a micro to usb socket which can be left loose or fixed in the glove box depending on how far you want to go, mine was fixed rh side as ford standard for that year, these are available on fleabay mine was £65 and from a fiesta so not model dependant. and fully controlled from steering wheel buttons.

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It's also worth applying the 2012 bluetooth firmware update.


This will allow the playing of tracks direct from iPod or memory stick without the need for the aux socket to be used.


Here is a link.



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