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Front parking sensor on focus mk3

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Hi, I have a 2014 focus with the rear parking sensors only, and I was wondering if it has a connector(on the display computer) for the front parking sensors, does anyone know if it has this connector and if it is doable?

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yo have to check if you have right connector under left headlight

I put on my focus mk3 rear parking sensors and i know its possible to fit rear and front but you need to have right loome.


also you need right cable to actiavte it on car system but its quite easy.

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Front parking sensors uses an engine bay wiring harness with the additional wiring for the front sensors. This type of harness is usually not installed on vehicles without front parking sensors. If the front sensor wiring is missing you either have to replace the complete engine bay wiring harness or make the missing wiring yourself.

Front parking sensor also requires the 6 front parking sensors and the lower grille to accomodate 2 of the front sensors. 

The parking sensors are connected to the PAM  module (Parking Assistance Module). The PAM module is a CANbus module that monitors the parking sensors and transmits the data to the FCDIM (display). Front & rear parking sensors have a different type of PAM module than rear only parking sensors. When retrofitting the front parking sensors the PAM module also needs to be replaced.


After front parking sensors are retrofitted it is a relative small step to also retrofit the Active Park Assist (autoparking) functionality. Next to the front & rear parking sensors the Active Park Assist system only requires the correct switch assembly with autoparking button and 2 different rear ABS sensors (Autoparking uses different ABS sensors which recognise the rotating direction of the wheels). 


After all parts are installed you only have to reconfigure the particular settings in the Central Car Configuration of the car. This can be done with a suitible diagnostic system. For example a generic ELM327 interface and the free FoCCCus or Forscan software.

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sorry to bump an old thread but is it possible to buy the PAM that supports both rear and front sensors but only program in the rear ones , till I get the ABS stuff & front loom ? 

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No, that is not possible.

Without the wiring and front sensors connected a PAM module that supports both front and rear parking sensors generates DTC codes and disables the complete parking sensor system.

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