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Strange Key Fob issue

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Hi all,

Having an odd problem with my 2004 Mondeo TDCi. I parked up today and turned off the engine, and the car made the locking sound, hazards came on and everything, literally as if I'd locked the car - but I hadn't, and the car didn't appear to actually be locked. A couple of seconds later, all the windows wound down by themselves! I was still in the car and hadn't touched the key fob.

I turned the engine on, closed the windows, then turned it off again. Exactly the same thing happened. After sitting for a while, I found that the locking noise kept happening periodically.

I got out, and tried to actually lock the car with the fob, and nothing happened, and neither would the windows wind up if the lock button was held as they should. I thought maybe the battery was going, so I took the it out and locked the car manually. Everything was fine after doing so, so I was confident it was the fob (as opposed to the central locking itself).

I did my shopping, picking up a new battery, and put it in the fob when I got home. The same thing happened as with the old battery. So, now I have no battery in my fob and I'm locking the car manually.

Has anyone got any ideas? Is this a common fault? I would try reprogramming, but I only have one key, and from what I've read you need more than one. Plus, I'm nervous about doing so because if anything goes wrong I'll have no keys!

I hope I have been clear in what the problem is, and would be grateful for any help - don't really want to have to go to Ford unless I absolutely have to.

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If it had been a French car it would be seen as normal operating procedure. 

I have a Citroen Van, it acts like it is possessed, I have had the inside door handles open and close repeatedly as if having a fit,  Windows that I want to go down go up, Windows I want to go up go down and several times I have come back to the van and all the windows have opened fully.

However, on my old Focus 2012 and a 2006 C-Max occasionally the key went out of sync with the locks. Using the key rather than the remote reset it, opening and locking the doors a few times put everything right. Something with the key matching the security code in the car.

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