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Slight smell of petroll now and then


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This has been happening for a while and I should really look into it. Every now and then, doesn't happen too often but there can be a slight smell of petrol when i start my car or just after.

First time it happened was about a month after buying, it was struggling to start, just kept turning over (didn't take too long) and when it did i noticed a faint smell of petrol. Another time it happened was again it struggled to start, this time I was having to turn it over for some time before it started and I could smell it again. Now it hasn't struggled to start since but every now and then i'll still get a slight whiff of petrol.

The only other time i've noticed it is not when I've starting the engine but one time it happened was not too long after i fired it up, I was sat in neutral revving it up a bit and got that same slight smell. Now the car itself not starting may or may not be related because at the time I needed a battery and it hasn't struggled to start since i got it replaced.

Any ideas?

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Had similar situation in a 98 fiesta. Turned out it was the rubber fuel pipe had started to split and needed replacing. Not terribly expensive. Significantly less expensive than a car fire in any case. Was told by garage I'd been pretty lucky in that respect!

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