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fiesta 1500 mile / 6 week review


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I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but what the hell. Some thoughts:

1.6 TDCi Titanium

As a commuting/shopping/crap weather car

- single button demist for the heated front screen, max fan on and heated rear screen has been very handy

- f/r parking sensors, decent all-round visibility and a tight turning circle and light steering at low speed make this easy

- nice, quick slick gearchange

- averaging 49mpg

- a bit reluctant to engage reverse cleanly, maybe just when cold.

- keyless entry is great for dumping shopping in the boot, folding mirrors a useful visual clue that the car is locked.

- revs round to 4500+ easily but a bit slow to pull away. Doesn't half make my Merc feel quick though.

- small enough that girlfriend happy to drive it but doesn't feel flimsy (car, not girlfriend)

- outside temp display nice to have.

- I like the colour and it hides the dirt well

As a motorway car

- cruise and climate control nice to have

- a bit noisy - road noise - but ok at a cruise. < 3krpm at motorway speeds but could do with a 6th gear. I've only tried to go from 4th to 6th twice. Neither time have I succeeded.

- at night, dash is just a tad too bright and this is non-adjustable. also I'd like a button to turn the stereo etc. dash button lights off at night, whilst keeping the stereo and bluetooth on.

- still only averaging 49mpg. Not the claimed 65 combined or 80 extra urban.

- bluetooth works well for hands-free calls. good navigation of and playback of music from a USB stick.

- tinted rear window keeps glare down

- range display seems accurate so can trust that you can get somewhere without worrying about finding a petrol station. Averaging 380 miles from a tank (40 quid).

As a car for welsh b-road blasts...

Not found out yet. In fact, haven't attacked a single roundabout in anger. Mainly as it's been freezing cold or snowy for most of the time since the car arrived.



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