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Ford Edge Sport 2013 - Wheel sensor problem

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Hey all 😉

Some monthes ago, i bought a Ford Edge Sport 2013 and it woks like a charm...

I have only a small problem with the pressure sensor of the front right wheel.
I always have an alarm because of that.
I bougth a new sensor, at the same frequency as the original one and inserted it in the wheel.
I did all the recognition needed : i push six time on the hazard button, the car honk, the car tels me to deflate the left front tire until the honk and it works.
But when i try with the front right tire, no honk at all, and the tire is totally flat.
No problem at all with the two rear wheels.
But i still have the alarm in the car, wich is really boring me.

I went to a garage who has a special machine to recognize new sensors, ant this machine can see the 4 sensors, but my ca doens't...

Is there a way to tell my car that i have change a sensor before to do all this test ?
Searching for monthes about that... You are my last chance 😉

Do i need some material to do that or does it exist a simple way to do this ?

Waiting and hoping for a response and with my best regards.


PS : sorry for my bad english... I'm from Switzerland... French part of it... 😉


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