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Help with 07 Fiesta. Does it have a DPF


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Could anyone shed some light for me. I have done research but getting confused.

Car went for a pre MOT yesterday and was going to fail. 1 front spring broken and play on track rods. I dont mind having these fixed but.....

The garage told me it would also fail on emissions. Paid over £100 to have what they said was the DPF filter cleaned. Emissions where still too high. Said they were taking it for a long drive and would try again. Yet again emissions where still too high.

They have quoted me over £800 to have springs, track rod and DPF fixed. Said they will remove DPF and send it away.

Have since spoken to 3 different garages and showed a picturenof engine bay to one of them who are adament that my car does not have a DPF fitted.

All three said there is no DPF and when I showed the third one a picture he is 100% certain there is not one.

So my question is does a 2007 1.4Tdci ghia have a DPF, how can I tell? I am all set to go back to the garage tomorrow and ask where it is and how they cleaned it but am confused as to if it does or doesnt have one.

Also, if it doesnt does anyone know what could be the cause of the high emissions and what would need doing to lower them to pass the MOT.

I dont want to throw hundreds of pounds at it as it will be non cost effective but want to explore all avenues before I scrap it.


Thanks in advance.


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99% sure that car won't have a DPF.  Pictures would help confirm that though!

It's also old enough to be tested under the highest smoke limit of 3.0...I'll be amazed if it's blowing that much without a noticeable boost leak/lack of power.

I wonder if the garage are trying to fail it on 'visible smoke emmisions' which only applies to vehicles with a DPF...

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