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White Aux socket in glovebox to USB


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Apologies if this has been asked previously, I'd like to play music via  USB stick in my 2008 Mk2 car, I've purchased  a dashboard mounted USB socket silver coloured that fits beside the heated rear window switch & a connecting 3.5mm jack plug that fits into the white coloured aux socket in the glove box, fitted it in the car & it doesn't work.


I've fed the cable with the 3.5 mm jack from behind the glove box & drilled a small hole near to the aux socket & fed the cable through so the 3.5mm jack fits neatly into the socket.

The aux socket does have a wired feed to the back via a small socket

I have a  standard  ford 6000cd radio fitted that has the aux button near to the top left side.

has anyone else got such a set up to work ?



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On the original audio systems USB is not controlled by the radio. The USB functionality is fully controlled by the Sound & Connect module (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol with USB, A2DP and Ipod support). Next to this Sound & Connect is only supported by the Gen3 Sony audio systems and the Travelpilot FX and NX Satnav systems.

The USB socket you bought  is basically just an extension. To make it work it needs to be connected to a USB port of the audio system. Your audio system simply has no USB port so it is never going to work.


To be able to connect the USB socket you either have to install an adtermarket radio with USB support or a Gen3 Sony or Travelpilot FX/NX radio combined with the Sound & Connect system.


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Thank you JW,

I'll look for a replacement unit on our fav auction site



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