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i was wondering if anyone else has recieved an e-mail regarding  the changes to ford etis due to the introduction of general data protection regulations.

here's a few of the changes that will include

1)      A new Registration Process for existing and new Independent Operators.
2)      Updated FordEtis online Terms & Conditions.
3)      Updated FordEtis Privacy Policy
4)      Ongoing access for Independent Operators that require EU5 Security Accreditation access
The New Registration Process
 All existing and new users will require a Legal Representative (LR). A LR is the person that takes legal responsibility for the actions of the business and its Employees, as far as GDPR regulations for FordEtis are concerned (e.g. the dealer principal/general manager).
The Legal Representative will be responsible for registering the business and its Employees in FordEtis Online.
New Terms & Conditions
The Legal Representative (LR) must have the authority to legally bind their business and Employees to the FordEtis online new Terms & Conditions (T&C’s).
The LR will be responsible for the registration of Employees, creating and maintaining their Employees anonymised use of FordEtis Online.
by the looks of it i will no longer be able to use fordetis,there's a few things i find etis quite useful as an st owner i check it quite reguraly to see if there's any updated field service actions regarding the coolant recall issues.
sound's like the average joe will no longer be able to use it .


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Yes I got this too.

AFAIK it's always been for businesses and not individuals, it's just that we all registered as independent operators.

Mind you, FordEtis isn't perfect - I'm still disappointed that some of the details about my car are incorrect on there 😒

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Logged in again this morning with no issues. Btw, it looks as if you can get very basic info on your car including o/s service actions, without needing to register - just enter the reg no or vin from the home screen - no need to log in.

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Anyone else having trouble with this? I selected Employee instead of Legal Rep (for no particular reason) and now the system is telling me my LegalRep needs to confirm my account. Obviously no way this can happen as I am in no way related to Ford. What are my options if I want to continue using Etis?

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I registered as an IO on ETIS but fortunately selected  Legal Rep at the time. Just been on today and a message came up saying my password would expire in 9 days so I needed to select a new password, which I have now done (after some messing about) and it seems to work ok.

@bronc - you could try re-registering (making sure you select Legal Rep) and see what happens. I found a few "you can't do that" type messages come up when trying to change the password but just kept trying different combinations until the computer said yes!

As mentioned earlier in the thread you can get basic info such as o/s service actions without being registered.



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On 11/22/2018 at 11:44 PM, Stoney871 said:

Same here.
No problems either.
It's all about complying with the new data protection regulations.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

Stoney, do you pay for the technical info now? And did you just register as yourself?

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