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Help required from 75 year old trying to remember details of an old Ford owned by father around 1957/1959 (in UK).  The car was probably 10 to 20 years old when he bought it making it a 1940 to 50 car.  It was either a Popular, Prefect or Anglia because from the pictures I have seen on Google the fronts are all similar. BUT, the car I have in my memory was that the rear had a bulbous round bit where probably the spare wheel was housed but of all the pictures I have searched for, none have this bulbous bit I remember,  Can anyone tell me what year and model it was because I want to add this picture to an album I am creating of past cars.  Alternatively, does anyone know how to access old records from the DVLA (I’m willing to pay) because I can remember the registration number which was ADT 618.  I have scoured all my old photo albums and cannot find a pic.  Thanks

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You may be correct about 103e Popular/Anglia etc as I believe there may have been an accessory available for mounting the spare wheel on the outside under a solid cover. You may not get far with reg number as its no longer on the current DVLA database so may have been deleted from all records.You could try contacting DVLA but I see that that side of their customer service is closed at present due to Covid19.


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