Unleaded fuel

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Hi all 

Sorry if this has been asked before. 

I'm 19 just got myself a 1981 ford capri 2.8i

I'm aware that they were designed to run on 4 star leaded fuel as opposed to the unleaded fuel of today. 

But I've been told that if you look on the exhaust manifold and see a lettering D or E then it has hardened seat valves and should be alright with unleaded fuel . I've taken a picture of my manifold,  can anyone tell me if this is what I'm looking for and if that means it got a hardened head ? 

If not I have bought some additives just in case. 

Thanks alot 




Ps I'm aware the engine bay is a tad dirty I'm yet to work on that 😂

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I think the letter is stamped on the exhaust face of the head itself so you won't see it without removing the manifold. However as they were relatively rare and possibly on the last run of vehicles you probably haven't got one anyway.

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Ahh I see , thank you for tour response.  I'll stick to additives and if it comes to it , switch to hardened head . 

Thanks scott 

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