Looking for my old Capri 2.8i

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Long-shot but Hopefully still looking for my old Capri 2.8i. It was black and last had a logbook issued in 2010 with record details still on DVLA website. If anyones got any information I would be grateful. Its registration is FVX 516Y. 

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Sadly it may no longer be with us unless it’s tucked away in a garage somewhere

According to GOV.UK


Untaxed Tax due:                             1 April 1998

MOT                                                  No details held by DVLA

Date of last V5C (logbook) issued     7 September 2010


Vehicle Details

Vehicle make                                     FORD

Date of first registration                September 1982

Year of manufacture                       1982

Cylinder capacity                              2792 cc

CO₂ emissions                                   Not available

Fuel type                                             PETROL

Vehicle status                                    Untaxed

Vehicle colour                                    BLACK

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Thanks for info Baileymex. I keep looking around hoping it still exists. You never know these days

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