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Fumes through to cabin


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Afternoon all.

Running out of ideas what might be causing this issue so any help or advice would be great.

My wife has a 2013 AWD Kuga, 2.0L diesel 150ps. I took it for an MOT a month or two ago after getting back fron being away and apart from 2 new front tyres there were no other issues reported.

I noticed it smelt of burning oil or exhaust fumes though when I sat in it, only lightly at first but she said it'd only just started doing it. So I changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter and still no change. I opened the air filter box and noticed a light film of oil coating the sides, wasn't pooling though. Cleaned this all up and ran the car for ages hoping to air it out. A day or 2 later the engine management light came on. Having a code reader it said the issue was DPF related. Took it to a garage who put their diagnostic machine on and confirmed it and ended up replacing vaporiser. No engine management issue since but cabin still stinks of fumes whenever the climate control/ fans are on so demisting when on ther move only.

Took it to Savoy who checked the exhaust and said there's no breaks in it so ruled out that. Had it on ramps on driveway with underneath covers off to try locate something and can't see anything untoward. 

Any advice or ideas to check would be appreciated. 


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Did you get to the bottom of this as I’m going through the exact same thing now. Had the vaporiser changed on mine and it’s exactly how you’ve said

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