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Focus Mk1 1.6 Zetec SE PART Numbers?


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Hi all. I had a big coolant loss at weekend and broke down. 30 Years RAC member, but I lapsed it last year. £180 RAC Towing charge home! Ouch!

So I am pricing for some work and parts. Water is leaking out almost as fast as I top it up with engine off, so I'm guessing I can't drive it any distance other than a few yards. It's also an Auto, so rope towing is a bit of a danger also. I'm kind of lucky and unlucky, I have an auto garage right next to my house but I have always been dubious about them, but given my options I may have to go with them.

To give you an idea, he has quoted me £142 for a timing belt Kit and £54 for a water pump, labour extra.

I may be able to source and supply the parts myself, that's why I want to be sure to order the right parts, and I enclose pics of the

online supplier that seems pretty good. The prices are far different to the quote from the garage next door!

The GATES Timing Kit AND water pump is £68 total.

Focus AUTO 2004, I think my engine is the Zetec-SE 1.6 16v version with A/C. There is nothing printed on the cam cover.

Tried the Ford Main Dealer, but as usual would not reveal part numbers. Can anyone help me out on the

OEM numbers, or point me to a diagram, for the following. 

1/ Timing Belt & Tensioner,  2/ Water Pump,  3/ Aux Belt,Tensioner pulley & Idler Pulley, and just in case

it is also leaking, 4/ Thermostat and thermostat housing. The Thermo housings I have found on internet and videos,

seem to be a 4 Hose one, or a two hose one, which I think is mine. The pig design where it is under the alternator left of engine from front.

I'd be grateful for any help as money is tight at the moment. I have searched around the forums first btw. Thanks guys and gals.





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Thanks for your reply and that useful info Gaz. I shall peruse! Much appreciated. 👍

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I'd just get the gates kit tbh. Not worth spending the money on genuine Ford parts for a 16 year old car that isn't worth a great deal in the first place.

Remember that if you supply the garage with parts, they wont offer any warranty on any work they do as they'll blame it on the fact you supplied duff parts. Just bear that in mind when you're already dubious of them...

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Thanks for reply Luke. I've reached the same conclusion unfortunately. Short of doing the work myself, which I'm not capable of, I'm rather stuffed. A tow to another garage would cost me £100ish and as you say, if I supply the parts they would not honour any warranty, even if only a year. Incidentally, as it may help other owners, I had another quote from a garage I trust. Timing Belt,Water Pump, Aux belt and Thermostat/housing £498. So the guys next to me are pricier at £560. I also had a price from Dees Ford MDealers, SW London, £650 for Timing Belt, Water Pump, Aux belt and tensioners...He has not come back to me yet to confirm if that includes vat. I would hope it does. He also suggested I join the AA with recovery and ring them a few hours after joining to get my car towed to them. Which, I'm pretty sure, is a laughable proposition, though I may be wrong.

I bought the car with full history, mostly Ford, June 2017 for £1,100 with 44,000 miles. The only record of belts is 'Water Pump and drive belt' 5 years ago. Labour was £90, so it would be likely this was the aux belt and not the timing belt. Which means the car has done 60,000 miles over 16 years without a new timing belt ( I do very little mileage). Service schedule Zetec-SE states every 5yrs or 80,000 miles whichever first. It was a good buy at £1,000 for an automatic and apart from a leaking high pressure hose on Air Con and the usual water in the boot, it's been a solid car.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Thought an update may help out one or two others. Garage found failed Gasket on THERMOSTAT HOUSING. Even Ford parts less than £100. The housing was fine, the gasket had failed. As the car was well overdue a timing belt, I also requested this and water pump. Bill £450. But now I have another problem. The car at idle is lumpy as flip and almost feels like it wants to stall...it's an Auto. The garage were aware of this and let me drive away, telling me later when I rang that they forgot to mention when I picked up. Not good. I should not have done Timing belt/water pump without sorting water leak first and checking no other damage had been done...and I think the garage should have recommended that at the time. But heyho, here we are. So now, I have a car which is not well and from what I understand the garage explained  the lumpy idle could be a small fix, or a big one if the engine block/head has been distorted or something similar due to the overheating. I have a mind to chuck it at Ford and ask for their diagnoses before blowing further money. Any thoughts welcome. Lesson from all this, like I have read many times, if you are losing coolant, even slowly, check it out and sort it.

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Could be that the timing belt was botched, i'd get someone to check it.


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