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Phone Disconncted Warning


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My husband and I both have a 65 plate Ford Fiesta Titanium. Exactly same spec car, only difference is the colour.

We both have Samsung mobiles that we have synced to our own car. Whenever he drives off when he has forgotton his mobile, the car warns him the phone is disconnected when he gets to the top of the street. This happens a lot and he comes back to get his phone.

I rarely forget my mobile, but I did this morning and got all the way to work without realising. My car didn't warn me that the phone was disconnected at all.

Just a little niggle I know, but does anyone have any idea's why my husbands car warns him when the phone is out of range, but mine doesn't?

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This only happens if your car detects your phone in the first place when you switch the ignition on..   If your car is too far away from where you left your phone to detect it then it won't warn you that it is disconnected.

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