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DPF issue


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Well after 6 years of near faultless driving, it seems that my TXS has come to bite me in the backside. My engine light came on last week so I took it to my nearest Ford dealer for them to do there work. Only for 2 hours later to get the dreaded news, my diesel atomiser has gone kaput and as such in blocked the DPF and also somehow it's done something to my oil as well. Well it really annoys me that ford really thinks it's acceptable to take the mickey out of its customers with totally absurd quotes. Lucky enough I've got a good local specialist who have quoted me £500 which I'm not over the moon about paying but I need my car.


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Because the regens not worked , the oil is probably got a bit diluted. Basically you need a new fuel vapouriser , oil change and see if a static  regen  manages to clear the dpf before having to fit a new dpf.

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When Ford told me that I had too much oil, I asked how can this be as your the only ones that service it. He had to go away and he said the same as you've mentioned. I went to my local specialist and as soon as I told him my issue he new all about it and he showed me a collection of old atomisers he had and basically told me the same procedure to correct it for a 1/3 of the price.

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Supprised your car went for so long before needing a new vapouriser. Quite a common problem with them blocking up. 

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Our 2018 S-Max had the same problem with the fuel vapouriser at the end of 2019, just before Christmas.  The Ford dealer also charged around £1200 to fix the problem.  We didnt shop around as we needed it sorted quickly so just bent over and took it!

Its been fine since.  I have tried to work out how to tell if regen's are taking place using ForScan but I dont really understand what its telling me.  I recorded the following values over a few weeks:

01/02/2020 57 34
09/02/2020 53 27
23/02/2020 55 42


The car is getting close to 100,000 miles and I have heard that DPF's normally fail around that mark.  Wondering if we should think about getting rid of it before then.  I have heard that getting it replaced at a non Ford dealer is a lot cheaper (as you have found).  The car has been a great trouble free runner in the 6 years we have had it.


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