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Clutch pedal sticking

William Begley

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I know this issue has been raised before, car is 2014 1.6 tdci manual hatch. Clutch pedal was sticking/remaining in the down position, garage then fitted wrong master cylinder, clutch pedal now ok. Stop/start and cruise now not working, they then fitted correct new cylinder, stop/start and cruise now ok but clutch back to sticking again? Are the cylinders that different? 

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what mileage?….  common issue on worn out clutches is where its so worn (not necessarily slipping) the pedal pushes the diaphragm spring over centre. till its popped inside out leaving the pedal stuck down,

there a similar fault where various bits of detritus with pedal springs (to either make it feel nice or assist in operation) can cause the same effect.  if its functional normally until you go to extreme of travel where it always stays stuck, it could be this

never bothered looking how ford did it or if these cars often get those faults … but either of those may be part of the fun - a clutch is like your brakes, the discs wear (the pressure plate and flywheel) and the pad material (the clutch centre plate) wears down

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Similar issue. However, started as clutch flipping down and needing to be brought up manually. Been a small fluid leak since then, but no issues if the fluid is topped up.

Left the car full of fluid Mon afternoon. Just gone to it Wed eve and the pedal shot straight to the floor. Checked, but still plenty of fluid. Tried pumping the pedal repeatedly but no joy. Tried gears while the clutch was down but it feels the clutch plates haven't quite separated, as the nose begins to climb with pressure on the gear lever but refuse to engage a gear fully. Any ideas please?

Just clicked over to 84k, and the clutch has otherwise felt and worked flawlessly, even after the ongoing fluid leak

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