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I see quite a lot of companies getting around 150ps from 123 & 98 engines the 140 has a different head so they can push them a little further up to 160ps - 170ps.

Of cause you have your revo and mountune's at the inflated cost of the badge. But there are many small remap companies that will do it for you.


There are quite a few video's on youtube regarding the topic on the Mk8's already, so i'd give that a look first. Remember though if you have warranty still it'll probably void it, but if you go with a reputable company they should normally provide you with a warranty.

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Perfect then, cheers to both of you for you help. I’m not bothered about pushing the engine to the max it’s more due to how responsive the turbo is. I’m not clued up on all this stuff so this has helped 👍🏻

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I’m interested in this too. I have 99ps 2018 ST-Line and would like to improve low down torque and sound, not interested in speed etc, more the drivability.

I’ve been looking at Bluefin/superchips so would be interested in a review if anyone has any experience.

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2 minutes ago, Will123 said:

So does ps basically mean the bhp?

PS is the metric (German) equivalent to BHP, it's very slightly different.  So a 100ps EcoBoost is actually only 99bhp...  People use PS & BHP interchangeably though.

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