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St line X 2018 noise identification

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   Hello all!

So I bought this 2018 fiesta St line 140 with 28k miles in January this year. Now I wish I didn't. I was only happy with it for over 200 miles. Now the car has developed 2 new scary noises, and perhaps somebody can identify them. I do worry it's gearbox related. Sorry for my English.

The first sound can be heard while driving, especially when above 20 miles per hour, gets louder with speed. It's a rotating sound and slows down when the car slows down. Sounds like droning, rubber catching something, whining? definetely rotating. To me, it's coming from the passenger side glove box area. It's not the tire as the "tire guy" looked at it and has mentioned it looks like something to do with the driveshaft.

I hope you can hear it. It was only recorded on the phone so you may need to up the volume all the way.

Now sound number 2. This one is the worst of the two. It's audible mainly when moving slowly in reverse gear. Clutch half way, no throttle. From the cabin, it is like a clunking/ knocking from under the car, front area. From the outside seems like it's coming from the front part of the bonnet and more like screeching? 


It gets more audible with the steering wheel turned to one side. I also get some knocks when in first gear with full lock on steering wheel. There were no warning lights on the dash, car drives ok to me.

Fiesta is still under warranty but if I end up with gearbox issue so early into my ownership, then I will be so disappointed 😔😔😔 First time buyer of a newish model and this turning to be quite a "ride"

Sorry for this long post. Really frustrated now.  If my post is not clear then feel free to ask questions. Do you guys had something similar with mk8 st line? Any ideas?

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Well this forum post not turned to be a very popular one😐 

Still I would like to add another video and a resolution, may help someone in the future.

With louder volume car was sounding almost like a plane engine.

My local dealer couldn't fit me in for diagnosing earlier than the end of April (!?). Ended up driving to another one. There, they wanted to keep my car overnight to strip the gearbox. They said they don't have any courtesy cars available so I had to get back home on a train and a bus. After three days the car was ready to be collected, they replaced bearings within gearbox. When questioned about reasons for this issue, they were not much help really. I was lucky they were able to work on it before it went completely. They said there were going to invoice Ford as this was a warranty job and would normally cost COUPLE GRAND (?!). 

Fiesta seem fine now. No noises so far. I don't know how to feel about the car now. 68 plate, 28k mileage. Only time will tell. 

Anyways I hope this information may help someone in similar situation. 

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