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Mk8 auto dimming rear view mirror retrofit

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Hello,does anyone know if it is possible to retrofit auto dimming rear view mirror to  a mk8 st line?

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I’m wondering this too

I took off the trim around the rear view mirror which hides the lane keeping camera and auto headlights sensor. 
I saw an unused plug connected to the windscreen and thought brilliant, this is the plug for the auto dimming mirror

Bought a mk8 fiesta auto dimming mirror on eBay then it turns out the plug on the new mirror does not match the spare connector wired into the car.

I made up some wiring to connect up the live and earth wires from the mirror into the plug on the car, but the plug has no power coming from it (engine running), wondering if there has to be a fuse fitted or this plug has to be activated some how.?

does anyone know what this spare, 2 pin plug up by the rear view mirror is for?

My new mirror definitely works as I tested it with a 12v power supply in the house 


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What is the part number of the auto dimming mirror that you bought? Can you upload some photos of the mirror and the unused plug? I didn't remove the trim around the rear view mirror yet, to see what is hidding behind it, but i'planning to do it. 

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Not sure if this is any help but if ford have not changed there rear view mirror window mounts from the mk6 then a nissan navara fits nicely i have one and comes with a compass if you want one

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Thanks tlo might be worth a look! 

This is the mirror I bought 


the mirror fits the mount, just push the left side of your current mirror (quite hard) and it just twists off of the mount, the do the opposite to fit your new mirror.

I’ll take some photos of the plug on the car tomorrow, it only has 2 wires going to it compared to the 3 from the mirror plug. 

If you need a better photo of the plug on the mirror I can post that tomorrow too 

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Thanks for your idea tlo. NJH0599 i think this mirror is not for mk8 fiesta. This mirror is for mk7. 5.Maybe this is the reason that the plug is different. 

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Ah apologies I didn’t notice the description on that link, this is the exact mirror I bought, again the plug for mine looks different to the one on your link, but that one still doesn’t match the plug on the car

i will take some photos of the plug in the car for you today 


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Photos of the 2 pin plug.

Tested with a volt meter and no power going through it.

Any ideas on what it is for/how to get it live? 




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Thanks for the photos, in the next days i'll try to take the trim off and see what is behind it. I suppose the same plug will be in my car too. How does the trim come off?Did you use any tools? 

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No worries, Yeah see what you find, 

I just used a flat head screwdriver to create a gap between the top piece of trim (closest to headliner)and the windscreen,  then just used my fingers to prise it off, the clips come out pretty easily! 

Then you should see the plug slid into a holder on the windscreen, just push it forwards to release it 

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Finally fitted mine today! 

Connected up to the earth and a 12v ignition live feed for the interior light, pretty simple as it turns out.

This is how I did it in the end, using power from the interior light. 

1. Remove the trim around the mirror and twist off your old mirror, hold the base of the mirror and firmly twist it off to the right. 

2. Pull out the interior light surround, it’s held on by 4 clips and just pulls out with a good tug. 

3. Locate the earth and a 12v live wire in the interior light plug, earth was the far right and live was other wire in photo. 

4. Identify the live and 12v wires from your mirror plug (on my 3 pin mirror plug the earth was in the middle and the live was on the left)and thread them up through the headliner to your light plug and use some scotch locks to connect to the 2 wires. 

5. Put your new mirror on, connect up the plug and put it all back together, make sure you plug the microphone back in before you put the interior light back in!  


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