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Focus 1.6 ecoboost 150->180

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First Post here so I may have put this in the wrong forum.

I'm just wondering if anyone on here has the know how to correctly upgrade my 150ps ecoboost to the 180ps. I'm aware that the software is the only difference here so thinking why not just upgrade it. Is it an easy home DIY task or is some specialist diagnostic equipment required? 

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Ah thanks, sorry I missed that. So I really need to get my hands on UCDS and figure out my 180 equivalent software? 

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I recommend to skip the 182 HP software and upgrade to the Mountune MP200 software.

The Mountune MP200 Kit for the 1.6 ECOboost Focus MK3 was available as an official warranty friendly upgrade from official Ford dealers in a few countries. As a result of this the Mountune software can be downloaded from Ford servers just like all other software versions.

Apart from the software the Mountune MP200 upgrade requires an uprated intercooler and air filter (which is not a bad idea anyway).

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Right, that's a good idea, I didn't know the MP200 software is accessible to everyone. 

I already have the uprated air filter installed so just need to source a intercooler as I can't find it on their site (I assume they no longer sell the package). Is this do-able over UCDS or is ford IDS required to find the software version for my car? I'm looking to purchase UCDS very soon.

I've not had much experience dealing with software updates like this. Is it something that i should leave to someone more knowledgeable?

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Posted (edited)

Sorry to bother you again @JW1982 but where can I access the file for the mp200 map? And is this also the same place I'd look for the 180 map as I'm considering mapping mine to 180 then using a bluefin. For some reason bluefin  produce different results for the 150 and 180 variants. 

I've ordered a ucds clone for £20 with 35 tokens loaded up. I figured it's not much of a loss if this can't be used so it's worth a shot!

Edit: I'd need to access these externally then I'm assuming add them straight to the directory for UCDS as this version will become broken if updated online.

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Almost all Ford software files (calibration files) are publicly available from the following Ford website:


To download the file you are after you need to know the exact file name. Ford software files are named as follows:


BV61 = Suffix of the PCM type.
14C204 = Type of module (14C204 = PCM).
EMB = Software version.

To determine which 182 HP or MP200 software version you need you have to compare the hardware and software version numbers of your car with those of original 182 HP or MP200 license plate numbers. To do this a free account as an independent user on the Ford Etis website is required. Based on the license plate number both the hardware and software version numbers can be found on the Etis website under the Vehicle Software --> Summary tab.

Below an example of the software versions of a 2013 150 HP 1.6 ECOboost:


In this case the PCM hardware version is BV61-12A650-CXB. The hardware version (and also the initial software version) of this PCM is CXB. The 2nd character in this number stands for the power output.

BV61-12A650-CXB = 150 HP
BV61-12A650-CYB = 182 HP

Apart from the power output (different software) these PCM types are 100% identical. To upgrade a vehicle with PCM version BV61-12A650-CXB to 182 HP you have to search for a vehicle with PCM version BV61-12A650-CYB. The software version listed to be installed on this vehicle will be correct to upgrade to 182 HP.

Mountune MP200 upgraded vehicles can either be based on a 150 HP or 182 HP hardware versions. 


A Chinese UCDS clone is perfectly suitable to upgrade the PCM software. Chinese UCDS clones are based on an older UCDS hardware/software version. This is part of the reason why the firmware update of these clones result in a bricked clone. The fact that the older UCDS software can not download the software files directly from the internet can easily be solved by downloading the files manually to the correct UCDS folder.

I own a Chinese UCDS clone and to be honest it works perfectly. It is actually a lot easier to use and a bit faster than updating software using the Ford IDS diagnostic system I also have.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! Good to know about the UCDS clone as well. Do you know if the cable compatible with Forscan?

Strangely my 150 Ecoboost is showing the part number for the 180 already (See attached). Does this mean that is also the 180 software? I'll find a 180 and check the software to confirm.


Final question, in terms of finding the MP200 software would I just need to find a vehicle with the same PCM part number as mine but with the MP200 map and use the software version on the website you've linked above? This seems like a fairly difficult task but shall give it a try. 

Thanks again for the help JW been a lurker for a while on this forum and you always seem to have the answers!! 🤣

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Found this on another 150 Ecoboost and is a different software code to mine but not sure if what I have is the 180 or the 150 lol


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PCM hardware version BV61-12A650-DYA should be a 182 HP PCM. However software version BV61-14C204-EHB is definitely 150 HP software. It is possible that the PCM has been changed in the past.

As far as I am aware the BV61-14C204-ENB software is the 182 HP equivalent of the BV61-14C204-EHB 150 HP software. I actually prefer the BV61-14C204-ENA 182 HP software. This software version is slightly older but does not have the torque limitation yet (the BV61-14C204-ENB software was introduced as part of the clutch recall). 

As far as I am aware the MP200 software for your car will be the BV61-14C204-FFB software.

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Okay when my UCDS arrives I'll start with the BV61-14C204-ENA. Could you expand on the torque limitations? Would this be something that could effect my clutch/gearbox? if that's the case I will go with the BV61-14C204-ENB software.

I found BV61-14C204-EJB which is a 180 software and going by the naming conventions seems to make sense for my current software but unless you know otherwise I'll stick with your information. 

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So I've figured out the software versions I'll require to go to 180 then eventually to the MP200 tune.

What I'm wondering is if this is done on the PCM reprogramming tab of UCDS or the vdf file loader tab. Will I require the SBL file as well? 

If anyone knows the answer let me know. Cheers. 

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