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Drivers door lock replacement on Mk7 Titanium X

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  Quick question, I've tried looking but couldn't find anything, so asking here.


  Someone has screwdrivered the drivers lock on my beloved Mk7 Titanium X.  Since it is keyless start, it means that there is only the one key, so needs replacing.


  Looking here:      https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/59/1.48184,2.5145,6.23674,7.29708/0/1844/16689/72666/#220K51

  I need part #1757128, and youtube shows it as an easy fix.


  My question, will I need to get the new part programmed,  as I am not replacing the fob, only the key blades.


  I cannot see why I would but the parts guy was suggesting that it would.


  Can anyone confirm this for me before I order.


Much Thanks Paul.

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If you are keeping the original keyfobs and only replacing the metal key part then there is no need to reprogramme anything.

The transponder chip is in the plastic keyfob

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  • Thanks for that:  You have confirmed what I thought.  The lock body doesn't have any electrics in it so should be fine.


I'll confirm it when I've fitted it 🙂




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