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I've got a 2009 Fiesta Zetec and only have 1 key, the standard non-button type.

I rang my local Ford dealer and they quoted me £280 to get a new electric key and program it, which is simply not worth it. Is it possible at all to buy a replacement key and program it myself? I've been looking around and find things about the immobiliser and making sure the key has the right chip in it etc and all in all a bit lost as to what I can do.

Any ideas what I can do? And any sources for keys would be greatly appreciated.


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Just curious if there's any keys someone would recommend?

Would something like this be the right one to get? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01JZNMMFI/

I'm conscious that maybe getting the wrong key could upset the immobiliser and that thats kind of out of my control then. So any recommendations as to what to look for and what to avoid would be great! cheers.

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If that is the style that you already have then it should be ok.

There are two seperate and un-connected security aspects of the key.

The first is the 'Passive Transponer Chip' which is what the ignition looks for and reads when you put the key in. It has to be programmed in to the car using something like FORScan software. OR, you can take the chip out of your old key and transfer it across to the new key and the PATS security system on your car will be happy.

The second part of your keyfob is the 'remote buttons' (this uses the battery in the keyfob). This function of the key has to be programmed in to the car seperately and can be done in a couple of diffrent ways. For you using the ingnition on/off on/off on/off on/off on/off (5 times) should probably work. I can give you full instructions if you get new keys.

Lastly there is the key blade, simply transfer that from your old key to the replacment keyfob.

This is taken from the amazon site:-

You may use your old immobiliser chip in the new case so that no programming the ignition is required.

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@unofixas mentioned in my first post, I only have the non-button key (just a key blade in a bit of rubber) and haven't got any other keys, hence my confusion with what key to get.. would that key on amazon I mentioned still work for the remote locking/unlocking? I'd probably just use the fob for that and then the key I have already for actually turning the ignition so that I dont need to bother transferring the immobiliser chip

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Ok, re-read posts and yes that should be ok for your car. You will need to programme the lock/unlock for the buttons. If you are not using the key in the ignition then the transponder chip dosen't matter.

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Great news, got it connected and working with the central locking. Put in my existing key and turned ignition to II and back to 0 four times and then the car chimed, pressed the unlock button on my new key a couple times and the car chimed to say it was connected. Turned ignition to II and back to 0 once more to exit programming mode. 

And now its working fine unlocking/locking the car with double clicks of the buttons. One thing I noticed is all doors have to be closed to enter the programming mode, which caught me out and I was stuck trying to think of what it was haha!

Cheers guys for your help 🙂

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