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Engine warning light


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I have a 2018 Fiesta Zetec turbo 1.0, and the amber engine warning light came on around a month ago.  I had a diagnostic check done within a few days, along with a service (I'd bought the car just 5 months previously).  The check returned the following four problems (I have no idea what any of these mean, even after googling them, but I guess some of you might):

Body Control Module: B1218:00-48 Transmitter ID Code

Powertrain Control Module (3 problems):

  1. P0141:00-EC O2 Sensor Heater Circuit;
  2. P193E:00-68 A/C (Air Conditioning) Clutch Request Signal
  3. U0164:00-68 Missing Communication with HVAC Control Module

The garage didn't fix any of these, but told me the problem (or the main one) was to do with the fuel emissions sensor, could be cheaply fixed, and I could probably do it myself (for less than they would charge me).  They suggested I first buy some fuel injector cleaner, put that in the tank, drive around a bit, and that ought to clean it out.  I did so, but I've no idea if it helped - the warning light is still on (still amber, not red). 

The other fix they suggested (at the time) was to replace the oxygen sensor.  That was cheap to buy, and again it was simple enough to replace, I could probably do it myself.  They would obviously charge me more if they were to do it.  I would much prefer them to do it, as I've never done even the simplest car repair in my life!

My current questions - before I get back to the garage (and so I can have some understanding of what they might tell me) - are:

1. Obviously if I buy a sensor to save myself a little money, I need the right one.  But I've found several options with widely varying prices, all supposedly suitable for my specific reg.

2. Which of the above four problems does this actually address? (one, some, or all of them?)

3. Are any of those potentially serious?  The car is still driving fine, no obvious problems. (I don't do a lot of driving, though, just locally a few days a week,)

4. Any idea how much, roughly, should it cost to fix them?

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I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but personally I’d seek out another garage who values your custom and wants to fix your car.

Any reason why you didn’t approach your local Ford dealer as they tend to be very competitive ( from my experience in the West Midlands ) compared to independents, and you have a little more comeback if something doesn’t go to plan.

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Your rear O2 Sensor is either faulty and needs replaced (most likely) or there is a wiring problem to it, using fuel cleaning additive will not fix it. This is what is putting the check engine light on and if you drive about like that for months then it is likely to reduce the life of your Catalytic Convertor (expensive repair) and your fuel consumption will not be as good. 

They are easy to replace if you have the right tools and it is accessible, there will likely be a lot of Youtube videos if you want to try the job yourself, but to be honest you would be better taking the car somewhere else unless you have some practical experience. If it was my car and given its age I would buy the correct Ford part after checking that the problem is not the wiring to it.

As for the other fault codes, they may be old ones and not relevant and if your Key Fob and HVAC work correctly then I would clear the codes and forget about them. 

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