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Fiesta Active 2019 Mk8 heater fan


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Good morning Ladies and Gents.

Its a lovely time of year to have a heater fan fail.

Last Thursday got a call from SWMBO "I cant get any heat in the car". Thursday morning was -5C and frosty. Not good with no heater.

A look when I got home found that all the relevant lights were on, the fan control rotated and lit up but no draft - no a spot of blow.

Looked on here... master reset Sync3, disconect battery. No joy, other than having to re-connect phones !!

Did'nt  disconect the battery - on a modern car without the ability to reset stuff - no chance, not risking it.

This morning called out the AA. Their "very nice man" had not seen this fault before. Out comes his code reader, it can see the heater module, (no codes stored) but cant reset it. He then disconnects the battery - no joy.

So Monday its call the dealer time 😞

A search on here shows lots of other Mk 8 heater faults. Anyone got a clue? I'll report back on the "dealer experience" 🙂


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Hello Dave,

Just seen that this is a Fiesta Active 2019, (looked at you profile and was confused).

The car should still be under warranty ( just ). I believe that there is a software update of the HVAC system for some models.

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Yes, the Active is my wifes. Profile updated. 🙂

Update eh? The AA man did wonder about that.

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Following a delay due to Covid and frost the car was (eventualy) collected today. Its tricky to drive a modern car that wont defrost properly !!

Its been repaired under warranty and returned. However I have no details about what fixed the fault. 

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