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Mhev fiesta oil over max (dilution?)


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I have one 2021 fiesta mhev since May, which I got at the dealer, new. 

The car is now around 9000km and had the oil changed at 7000km back in December. 

But I noticed the oil level have been increasing and is around 6mm over the max mark. 

Seems to have worsened this symptom during these cold months. 

Usually I drive on eco mode to and from work. 

It is only small distance of 10km and a little bit of highway (2km)

Is anyone experiencing similar issues? 

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Must admit I’ve never used Eco mode, simply because I don’t see the point. But with my Mhev Fiesta the oil level has remained consistent as it was for the 1.0 EcoBoost before it. They do seem to prefer to be on a truly level surface to get an accurate indication on the dipstick. The slightest of slopes can make quite a difference.

As your car is so new, any doubts ( worst case could be coolant in the oil ) book the car in to your local Ford service centre.

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At that age, take it straight in to Ford, its still under warranty 

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Update to my situation 

Weather warmed up, and noticed when these cars also do a regen. Yes, it have a GPF

Yesterday I did 130 miles on highway but at sensible speeds. 

Today at work I checked the level, same parking spot as last time. 

All good, dilution disappeared! (barely 1mm over the max cut) 

I'll keep checking 

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