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MK3 behaving badly.


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Hi, I'm new to the forum so apologies if I ask simple questions.

I have a 2011 2.0 diesel which until recently had never put a foot wrong. 

Then about 3 weeks ago it lost power and the fault codes indicated a blocked DPF. I got local terraclean out and was told that the vaporiser was blocked which was preventing the dpf regenerating. 

The vaporiser was cleaned and all seemed ok for a day or so. 

Then I noticed that my trip computers readings were all reset and the fan was coming on all the time. 

On first starting there are some inaccurate readings on the trip computer which disappear after about a minutes driving. The readings disappearance coincides with the fan coming on.

The engine also seems to be slightly lumpy at idle and also, oddly, seems to somewhat quicker that it was. 

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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It sounds to me like it's trying to do a regen but it's failing.

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2 hours ago, F0CUE said:

It sounds to me like it's trying to do a regen but it's failing.

That's kind of what it feels like because the fuel economy has dropped and having driven it for the last 40000 miles it just doesn't seem to be running right. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

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The vapouriser may need replacing rather than just cleaning.


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Thanks for the advice. I've had the guy from terraclean who came out initially and he said the dpf was clean and the only fault that he could find was a break in information to the instrument panel. 

I've replaced the panel but fault persists. 

Badically after 2 mins driving the numbers on the trip info are replaced with little dashes and the fan comes on. The engine doesn't have to be warm for this to happen and the temp dial dies not alter. 

I've pulled most fuses and relays. Disconnected the battery, no difference. 

And ideas?


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