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Sync 3 past 3.0?


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Alright chaps,

I’ve got an interesting one for you.

I can’t quite understand this myself, but on an on and off occasion my GPS will completely lose signal. If I have my iPhone plugged in using Apple CarPlay then it doesn’t make a difference as the phone also loses GPS signal. 
Holding the volume and skip button to reboot doesn’t help.

What I’ve found does help is if I get out the car with my phone.. the GPS signal will return on my phone but not on the car. The moment I get back into the car, my phone loses signal again. Sometimes if I sit stationary for a sec with the car completely off and start it up again it will come back to life again for 5 mins.

How weird is that? It’s like something IN the car is interfering with it.

So I’ve gone on a wim and thought I’d try updating the stereo, maybe it’s something to do with that I wondered.

It’s currently on SYNC 3 version 3.0

Build 20204_PRODUCT

The website one day will either tell me my car doesn’t have Sync installed, or like today that it’s already up to date but does have a maps update.

How can I download the latest 3.4 for the car?

It’s a EcoSport 2018 model.D139D5B4-0F3D-4B83-AC78-0D31F993A877.thumb.jpeg.dd8bb735c1dd8fbca11483ddc0a79bb7.jpeg

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3 hours ago, steve67 said:

pop over to cyanlabs



Managed to find that last night on another post. I’m just attempting it now. Fingers crossed.990073C4-4013-4217-B4FD-925D008DCBCC.thumb.jpeg.34d29cfd9ae30abe41c10d27d5238e00.jpeg

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