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"No DAB" error on Sony stereo


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Hi all just brought a 09 S-Max Titanium with a Sony Dab radio, all worked fine but it would not find any dab stations and just says "No DAB" on the screen. I have brought another Sony Dab stereo used off eBay and still have the same problem I have also changed the little dab arial module in the back above the window and disconnected the battery but still no joy.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be as I'm out of ideas.
Thanks for any help you can give.

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First question is do they receive "DAB" or do they receive "DAB +"  ???

Standard DAB broadcasts are now finished in the UK.

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I think dab+ as it's the same stereo as the one I had in my galaxy and that worked fine till someone wrote it off. How would I find out?


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Hi my stereo model





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 Iv set the stereo to auto channel block but still "no dab" message.

My last car had the exact same stereo and that worked fine 2 weeks ago so I don't think the stereo is the problem I think there must be something else in the car, but I am lost.

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Hi Simon, DAB+ causes a lot of issues here on the forums.

One common problem is cars that have rear mounted dashcams, which kills the signal.

The aerial isolator/amplifier is also a source of many problems. I note that you replaced it, but do you know for sure that the replacement is working, and that it is the correct unit for your car ?

Have you checked that the supply to the aerial amplifier is working and that the supply fuse is good ?

Some after market equipment like reverse cameras are also known to cause a problem with the DAB+ signal.

Do you know for sure that this car was built with DAB+ or is it something that a previous owner has tried to install ?

Official government sources now recognise that DAB+ is not ideal for vehicles and the planned switch off of the FM transmitters has now been postponed to beyond 2030

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