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Help! Radio controls not working


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Hi everyone

So the radio in my Fiesta 2010 Titanium had randomly started playing up. The radio went off and none of the controls would work, apart from the door lock and hazard lights.

Now the radio is on but the controls still don't work. I'm just after a bit of advice.

Do you reckon the front fascia panel needs replacing? I've been told to take it to Ford but if I can fix it myself and save a bit of money that would be better! Any help is appreciated!

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Taking it to Ford would be expensive.  Our 2009 had the same issue when I bought it.  I tried all the usual remedies to kick it back into life, but nothing worked.

There are three elements to the standard 'radio'. I was told they are all coded to work together.  I bought a 2nd hand set and thought I'd try just replacing the front fascia 'buttons' panel - for me this solved the problem.  So I have a spare display and spare CD box, but hey.

I recommend that you take the trim off, take the panel out, look at the exact serial number and get a similar one 2nd hand.  Mine was a 8a6t18k811bd

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Radio Controls has fuse check the manual where it is, it should be behind the glove box. just pull down the glove box by pushing on its sides. 

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I think there are two fuses, but they were fine on our car.  I tried a full 'reset' as well by disconnecting the battery overnight - no difference.

And just to be clear on the internet-wisdom that the three radio elements have to come from the same car, as allegedly they are coded from the factory - my experience is that the button control panel is not coded to any other part in the car.... but any replacement probably has to be the same part number.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Fuses were fine. Turned out the front fascia was broken so I've replaced it and it's all working spot on!

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