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Hi there,

I’ve got a 63 plate Focus and I’ve just had new bearings in gearbox and a new clutch fitted. On getting the car back I had an issue with park pilot activating even when not in reverse. I took the car back and a fault was found with the reverse switch sticking and this was replaced. My problem now is that the car is still doing this intermittently and I’m not sure why and neither is the garage that did the work. Sometimes when park pilot activates I also get a message saying hill assist is unavailable. Turning this off in settings stops this message but not the park pilot issues. I’ve noticed it sometimes happens when leaving the motorway when I turn off cruise control. Does this make sense? Has anyone seen this behaviour before? 

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Start with the most common problem. The State Of Charge (SOC) of your battery is low.

Put the battery on charge for at least 8 hours. Connect the positive lead to the battery positive terminal, but make sure that you connect the negative lead to the main chassis earth point (do not connect to the battery).

No matter how good you think your battery is, the SOC can be very low and your car will still start, but it has a massive effect on things like 'Hill Start Assist', 'Park Pilot', 'Start/Stop', 'Keyless Entry', and 'Electric Power Steering' to name just a few things that start to act odd.

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